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Multi-day Fishing

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4 Day Gulkana River

Duration: 4-5 days
Price: $2000 per person "Fishing"
$900 per person "No Fishing Partner"

Designated a National Wild and Scenic River, the Gulkana River offers many fishing and wildlife viewing opportunities, not to mention the peaceful serenity of the pristine wilderness. Offered as a four day, 50 mile trip with the option of 5 days for more time fishing.

The fishing on the Gulkana River is world class with good king, June 2 - July and red salmon runs, mid June - August. This is one of the best grayling fisheries with big, 8 to 16 inch feisty and abundant fish hitting almost anything. This is home to the most northernly native population of rainbow trout in North America. They are catch and release with abundant hits following the salmon runs for their flesh and eggs from July on.

All camping gear provided to make participation easy.

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2 Day - Tonsina River

Duration: 2 days
Price: $1200 per person fishing
$550 per person non-fishing.

You’re not likely to encounter any other anglers on this trip. The challenging class III and IV whitewater during the first half of this river has kept the usage way down. Consequently, your fishing opportunities and overall backcountry experience improve dramatically as compared to other rivers in Alaska with limited road access. In addition, the chance of viewing wildlife dining on vegetation and salmon along the shore is greatly enhanced with the lack of jet boats scaring them away.

The fishing is excellent for king and red salmon. The runs coincide with those of the Klutina River. There’s also the bonus of silver salmon in late August and September.

Rainbows are also a good bet following the king and red runs for eggs and flesh. Grayling and Dolly Varden fill in the hit list.

This trip is like our Tonsina day trip but with no hurry to float and fish 23 miles of beautiful scenery. Instead, we’ll savor the good hitting spots as we come across them and camp near a good one for the night. On day 2 we’ll be rested and ready to do it again until we reach the Edgerton Road in the late afternoon.

This is a great trip for the non-fisherman to accompany a fisherman on.